Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare

Information sheet of District Civil Supplies Section on PDS / Procurement

( As on 19.11.2020 )

  1. Total No. of Sub-Divisions – 03 :
    1. Athagarh
    2. Banki
    3. Cuttack Sadar
  2. Total No. of Blocks – 14 :
    1. Athagarh
    2. Badamba
    3. Narasinghpur
    4. Tigiria
    5. Banki
    6. Banki-Dampada
    7. Niali
    8. Kantapada
    9. Baranga
    10. Sadar
    11. Salipur
    12. Mahanga
    13. Nischintakoili
    14. Tangi- choudwar
  3. Total No. of Urban Areas – 04 :
    1. Cuttack Municipal Corporation
    2. Choudwar Municipality
    3. Athagarh NAC
    4. Banki NAC
  4. Total No. of G.Ps. – 373 Nos.
  5. Population (as per 2011 census) – 2624470
  6. Departmental Storage System Started from 01.04.2012 – Transport Contractor functioning :
  • Level-I Transport Contractor  – 1 No.
  • Level – II Transport Contractor – 12 Nos.
  • Level – III Handling Contractor – 1 No.
  1. Oil Wholesalers – 14 Nos.
  • FPS Retailers – 984 Nos.
Scheme No. of Card in Circulation Scale of distribution Allotment per month (Qtl.)
PHH 448205 Cards 1607959 Population @ 5 Kg. per head (Rice/Wheat or both) Q. 54944.95 Rice &

Q. 25453.00 Wheat

Antoday Anna Yojana 48560 Cards 157161 Population @35 Kg. per Card Q. 16996.00 Rice
Annapurna 1311 @10Kg. per Card Q. 131.10 Rice

Monthly Allotment of all PDS Commodities of the District

  • PHH Rice and Wheat : Q. 80397.95
  • Welfare Rice : Q. 16.80
  • AAY Rice : Q. 16996.00
  • SC and ST Hostel Rice : Q. 529.20
  • School & Mass Edn Rice : Q. 5.85
  • AP Rice : Q. 131.10
  • SC and ST Rice(NGO): Q. 35.60
  • SK. Oil : 858 KL
  • Total SC and ST Inmates – 3528 Nos. (18 Hostels) @15 Kg per inmates @ Re. 1/- per Kg
  • Total Welfare Inmates – 112 Nos. (1 No.  Instn.) @15 Kg per Inmates @ Rs. 5.65 per Kg
  • Total SME Institution – 39 Nos (1 No. Institution ) @ 15Kg per Inmates @ Rs. 1/-

The Civil Supplies Section is playing a vital role for smooth functioning of essential commodities like Rice, Wheat, Kerosene Oil through the Public Distribution System among the consumers of 14 Block and 4 urban areas by the above mentioned agencies throughout Cuttack District.

Supervision by Nodal Officer and U.C of Re. 1.00 Rice and Wheat under NFSA, 2013.

ACSO, B.D.Os , M.Is , I/S of different Blocks and Urban area have submitted their report that the Re. 1.00 Rice and Wheat and Kerosine Oil is being distributed in the presence of the Nodal Officer at each retail point and the said PDS Commodities have been distributed and utilized properly by using EPoS Digitisation Device under NFSA.

Publice Distribution System
Annapurna Scheme

This scheme has been started from April, 2000. It is 100% Central Sponsored Scheme. A destitute beneficiaries having age of 65 and above is entitled to get the Annapurna Rice as per Govt. norm. At present 1311 beneficiaries are covered under this scheme as per the target fixed by Govt. The beneficiaries have been provided with rice @ 10kg. per card at free of cost. The monthly allotment for the month of November 2020 is Q 131.10 .

Antyoday Anna Yojana under NFSA Scheme 2013

This scheme has been implemented by Govt. in F.S. & C.W. Department from Sept.2001. At present 157161 Nos of Beneficiaries through 48560 nos. of AAY Cards of the District are covered under this scheme for the month of Nov. 2020. The beneficiaries are being distributed 35 kg. of rice per AAY Card per month @ Re. 1.00 per kg on fixed dates as per the guideline declared by Govt. from time to time during each month. The monthly allotment is Q.16996.00 per month.

PHH (Priority House Hold) Scheme under NFSA Scheme 2013

Allotment is being received from Govt. in F.S. & C.W. Deptt. under PHH (Priority House Hold) Scheme for 448205 Cards covering 1607959 Population under this scheme for the Allotment month of Nov 2020. The beneficiaries are provided with rice @ 5 kg. of Rice or Wheat or both per family member @ Re. 1.00 per kg on fixed dates i.e. declared by Govt. from time to time for each month.. The monthly allotment is Q. 54944.95 Rice & Q. 25453.00 Wheat for the month of November 2020. Sometimes the Govt. have allowed bi-monthly allotment of Rice and Wheat for distribution to the beneficiaries.

S.K. Oil

Govt. have allotted  858 KL S.K. Oil to this District for distribution among the consumers of PHH and AAY & SFSS beneficiaries @ 1.730 Litre  K. Oil per family and accordingly the stock of 858 KL has been distributed to all the Blocks/ ULBs for distribution.

Supply of Rice to SC/ST Hostels

A stock of Q. 529.20 rice per month is being allotted by Govt. monthly to the 3528 Nos. of inmates of SC/ST hostels @ 15 kg. per boarder @ Re. 1 /- per kg. Accordingly, the said allocation of  Q. 529.20 is being distributed to 18 institutions functioning in the District under the supervision of D.W.O., Cuttack

Supply of Rice to Welfare Institution

A stock of Q. 16.80 rice is being allotted by Govt. for 112 Nos inmates of 1 Welfare Institution like Orphanage, destitute and old age homes 15.00 Kg per Inmate (112 Inmates) @ Rs. 5.65 per kg. in each month functioning under the supervision of D.S.W.O. Cuttack /D.C.P.O. Cuttack / D.S.S.O., Cuttack.

Supply of Rice to SC/ST Hostels Managed by NGO

A stock of Q. 106.80 rice per quarter is being allotted by Govt. monthly to the 712 Nos. of inmates of SC/ST hostels managed by 4 Nos. of NGOs@ 15 kg. per boarder @ Rs. 5.65 /- per kg. Accordingly, the said allocation of Q. 106.80 is being distributed to 4 institutions functioning in the District.