Economy of Cuttack District

Cuttack district in the lap of river Mahanadi is holding its economy through agriculture. The economy of the district is primarily agrarian and more than 76% people are directly or indirectly earning their livelihood from agriculture. Paddy is the subsistence crop and grown as a major cereal in the district. Apart increased in the subsequent years. The district has a distinct place in the production of groundnut and pulses. Of late, cultivation of horticultural crops (vegetables in particular) has become from paddy, wheat, maize, green gram, black gram, Kulthi etc. is grown in the district. Paddy production and the production of commercial crops like Jute and Sugar cane has substantially popular. Rice is the major crop in kharif season and so are pulses & oilseeds in Rabi season. Prawn culture presently seeks an important position in the economic scenario of cuttack district. This culture has assumed a great deal of significance following the brackish water prawn culture.

Cuttack is one of the oldest industrial backbone of Odisha. Industrial sector has a substantial role in shaping the economy of the district. Cuttack is having 12547 numbers of micro and small scale industries, 15 large / medium scale industries and a few in the process of installation in the district. The medium scale engineering industry is the centralized part of the Industrial economy of cuttack. The storage of economically important mineral in close proximity, serve the industries of cuttack to a large extent.

Choudwar which is near to the city of Cuttack is better known for Ferroalloys. The Handloom works of Athagarh are famous for its quality production of materials. From the era of Independence the Barang has made its foot prints in Ceramic and Glass works which has established itself in a prominent position in the map of Indian Industries. Popularly known as Silver City, Cuttack is also growing as a centre of Information Technology (IT). Some IT companies operating in the District are providing software exports and other IT services to various sectors, through which it has provided job opportunities to skilled man power. There are also some private companies that are manufacturing household products like soap, detergent, phenyl etc. and have become an important agent of District’s Economic growth.

From time immemorial Cuttack has also earned reputation in making finest Filigree and Gold works which has emerged as big business platform for many people. Jagatpur, near to Cuttack city has given birth to many small, medium and micro industries. A number of enterprises in near past have utilized their skills in manufacturing of electrical equipments, building materials, pharmaceutical products etc. The District is slowly moving ahead through the creation of some cottage, home- based and agro- based industries.

In Toto, from the era of British Raj the coastal District of Odisha, Cuttack has established its prominence as a front ranking District of the State because of its manifold Economic activities.