District Registration Office

  1. Complete identity of the Department:

District Registration Office, Cuttack was created in G.O. No. Nil of 22.06.1827 as Departmental Office.


  1. Aims & Objectives and Responsibilities:

a)      Registration of various kinds of documents by an Officer appointed under the statutory provisions of Regn. Act(XVI of 1908) and rules framed thereunder.

b)      Registration of Marriage under the special Marriage Act 1954 by Sub Registrar and District Sub Registrar who have been declared as the marriage officer under rule 3 of the said Act.

c)      Registration of money lenders under Orissa money lenders Act 1939 as amended from time to time.

d)      Issue of Encumbrance Certificate & Certified copy.

e)      Acting as stamp collectors in dealing with under valuation and impound stamp cases U/S 47-A and 33 of the Stamp Act.


  1. Organization structures including agencies Directorate etc.

Heads of the Department:

Inspection general of Registration:

The I.G.R. is the controlling Officer and exercises statutory powers as provided under section 69 of the Regn. Act.

Under the I.G.R., there are District Registrars appointed U/S 6 of the Regn. Act. one for each district.

The A.D.M.s of a District is appointed as the Ex. Officio District Registrar. Under his control and supervision all Sub-Registrars of a District functions. As such A.D.M. of Cuttack is designated as District Registrar, Cuttack.

District Sub Registrar There is one Dist. Sub-Registrar for each District who also acts as Sub-Registrar for his own Sub District. He inspects and supervises the work of all Sub-Registrars for his District.

Sub Registrar - There is a Sub-Registrar for each Sub-District. As such within the Registration District of Cuttack there are 10(Ten) Registration Sub District each being managed by the Sub-Registrar.

The name of the Sub-Registrar Offices is are under:

1.      District Sub-Registrar Office, Cuttack.

2.      Sub-Registrar Office, Athagarh.

3.      Sub-Registrar Office, Jagatpur.

4.      Sub-Registrar Office, Banki.

5.      Sub-Registrar Office, Baramba.

6.      Sub-Registrar Office, Mahanga.

7.      Sub-Registrar Office, Niali.

8.      Sub-Registrar Office, Salipur.

9.      Sub-Registrar Office, Narsinghpur.

10.  Sub-Registrar Office, Tigiria(Ex-Officio).

(Tahasildar, Tigiria acts as the Ex-Officio, Sub Registrar)



4.      Generic Postal Address, Fax, Phone No. & email of the Department.

Office of the District Registrar, Cuttack

P.B. No. 535,Post: Cuttack, pin:753002, Orissa

Fax No. No Fax facilities have been provided.

Ph No.:(0671) 2368339, email: Not provided.

5.      Application forms dealt by the Deptt. & guidelines for their completion.

Prescribed applications for grant of certified copies, non encumrance certificate, marriage U/S 5 and 15 of the special marriage Act. Money leading license forms are provided.

6.      Legislation for which the Department has the lead or a link to a site which contains it.

This Deptt. is under the administrative control of Revenue & Disaster management Deptt. It has a leading role in learning Substantial revenue.







Source : District Registration Office,Cuttack
Date : 17.09.2008